Living a joyful life is a choice. YOUR choice.

Don't let the day-to-day activities of your life get in the way of your ability to choose joy...everyday.

Discover my digital library of helpful tools and resources.

Learn how to live a joyful life.

Joyful Living Planner

Ready to organize your life...not just your calendar?

I knew what I wanted in a planner. I knew I wanted to plan more than my days, weeks and months. I wanted to track my habits, goals and water intake. I also wanted daily journals, a place for my budget, and expenses trackers. Since I would not find what I was looking for....I created one for me. And I love it. You will too!

If you would like to:

begin & track new healthy habits

plan and track your exercise

track your water intake

have a quiet time/gratitude journal

plan your meals

create a budget & keep track of your money

set goals: yearly, monthly, daily

PLUS so much more!

pay of debt quickly with the debt snowball tracker

Not only does the planner plan my life...the toolbox gives me so much more! - Marsha

So, how much does it cost?

Sounds great, right?

You can either purchase the planner alone or...
add the co-ordinating Joyful Living Toolbox


Health Planner

Quiet Time Journal

Calendar with timeline

Gratitude & Joyful Quotes 


'How to use the planner videos' AND so much more!

Income & Expense Sheets

Sleep Tracker

Habit Tracker

Monthly Planner

Today's Plan

Monthly Goals

Calendar - 1 and 2 page versions

Dates to Remember

Year at a Glance

Long term goals

The Planner is  a PDF Download - PRINT as many pages as you would like!
ALSO Included:
 'How-to use the planner' videos 





perfect for those who just want the planner

perfect for those who just want it ALL


Joyful living planner


Joyful Living Planner
Joyful living toolbox

TOOLBOX Total value $94
RIGHT NOW only $9!!

Cash Envelopes - (value $12)

Today's Plan - Daily Planner - (value $4)

Morning Routine & Habit Tracker -  (value $14)

Praying Through the Fear Workbook (value $13)

Choose Joy...everyday 'Daily Gratitude Journal' (value $18)

Budgeting 101 for Women (value $19)

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planners (value $14)


10 Ways to Organize Craft Room Supplies

Celebrating Me!

30 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money

Who Does God Say You Are

How to Decrease Anxiety

Setting Goals for Life


25 Powerful Habits

Jane, this bundle is the bomb! Everything I need is included. Can't wait to begin living my joyful life today! - Katelin

And I know what it is like to struggle with living life....let alone be joyful everyday.

When I started my blog in 2019 it was not because I have had it together my whole life. Nope. In fact, my life was kinda a mess. I would grope around trying to find the right things to do or say. I really had NO idea who I was. And, for the post part, my life, even though it was good...was not joyful.

I tended to look at everything as half empty. Beginning my day with thoughts of gratitude and thankfulness...nothing I ever considered.

Figuring out how to not only live within a budget AND save for my future...didn't do that either.

Pretty much I let my circumstances, what I had or did not have, PLUS others around me dictate to me how I acted, felt and behaved.

And then, when I was in my mid early 50's I found out what joy really meant. I found out that joy comes from within. I also found out that if my daily living was not in line with, or on the path to, choosing was elusive. So...I learned how to choose joy...everyday.

And, guess what - a joyful life is a life worth living.

Let me show you how to live your best and joyful life today!

I'm Jane!

Hey there!

Frequently Asked Questions

01. are these pages printable or will it be shipped to my house?

All PDF downloads in the Joyful Living Toolbox are digital files that you can print at home. After completion of your purchase, you will be directed to the Positively Jane Academy. Once there, you can choose the documents that you want. They will all be sent directly to your downloads folder. It is not a physical product. Since it is a digital file nothing will be shipped to the house. 

02. Can I share the downloads?

No. ALL downloads purchased from Positively Jane are intended to be used by the purchaser only. Do NOT copy and distribute. Direct all of your interested friends to Positively Jane.

03. When will I receive my digital product?

Once you click on the download that you want in the Positively Jane Academy, it will download immediately into your downloads folder. 

04. I did not receive my MEMBER SITE LOG-IN INFORMATION.

Check your in-box. Not there? How about your spam folder? Still not there….let me know:

05. Do Ineed a color printer?

If you would like to print in color a color printer will be needed.  You can always take them to a local printing store and have them printed for you. 


The documents in the Joyful Living Toolbox encompass all areas of your life. If you would like to keep track of your eating, your schedule, your grocery list, habits. plan your meals, and/or anything else that pertains to your daily life...this toolbox is for you. 

07. what is your return policy?

If for some reason you do not find that the Joyful Living Toolbox does not provide you what you need...let me know within 30 days from the purchase date and I will refund your money in full.

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